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Based on 20 years of experience in serving professional male football players, „Fem11“ established itself in September of 2018 with the pretension to raise the quality
of women’s consulting in football equal to the men’s standard. At the of requests many female players and after consideration of the current situation in the international leagues, the decision was made to establish a new women ́s football agency with more ambitious goals.

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Turid Knaak schließt Ausrüstervertrag mit NIKE

06 | 04 | 19 Turid Knaak schließt Ausrüstervertrag mit NIKE Starke Verbindung – cooler Look Die Stürmerin der SGS Essen wird ab sofort von NIKE ausgerüstet und mit dem Swoosh des Sportartikelherstellers auflaufen. Bei der offiziellen Präsentation im Vorfeld der WM...

Turid Knaak verlängert in Essen

05 | 04 | 19 Turid Knaak verlängert in Essen Vertrag bis 2021 Die 28-jährige Nationalspielerin bleibt ein weiteres Jahr an der Hafenstraße bei der SGS Essen und stürmt auch in der kommenden Saison für die Schönebeckerinnen. In der laufenden Spielzeit stand Turid...

Lisa Makas verlängert bei den Zebras

04 | 04 | 19 Lisa Makas verlängert bei den Zebras Vertrag bis 2020 Die 26-jährige österreichische Nationalspielerin entschied sich nach vertrauensvollen Gesprächen mit den Verantwortlichen des Vereins rund um Trainer Gerster für einen Verbleib in Duisburg für ein...




Date of birth: 24 January 1991
Position: Midfielder
Club: Atlético Madrid
Height/Weight: 168cm/54kg
National team: Germany



Date of birth: 18 November 1993
Position: Defender
Club: TSG Hoffenheim
Height/weight: 180cm/63kg
National team: Germany


Date of birth: 09 February 1991
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: VfL Wolfsburg
Height/Weight: 180cm/71kg
National team: Germany



Date of birth: 21 April 1994
1. FFC Turbine Potsdam
National team:



Date of birth: 15 March 1998
Position: Midfielder
Club: SGS Essen
Height/weight: 171cm/59kg
National team: GER (U20 Captain)


Date of birth: 29 October 1987
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Aston Villa FC
Height/weight: 170cm/70kg
National team: Germany


Date of birth: 11 May 1992
Position: Midfielder
Club: SKN St. Pölten
Height/weight: 173cm/70kg
National team: Austria



Date of birth: 31 Mai 2000
Position: Forward
Club: 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam
Height/weight: 172cm/67kg
National team: Germany (U20)



Date of birth: 22 March 1995
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Height/weight: 175cm/64kg
National team:



Date of birth: 31 July 2000
Position: Forward
Club: 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam
Height/weight: 168cm/62kg
National team: Germany (U19)



Date of birth: 06 February 1993
Position: Forward
Club: MSV Duisburg
Height/weight: 174cm/63kg
National team: Albania


Date of birth: 19 May 1995
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Height/weight: 175cm/60kg
National team:


Date of birth: 07 December 2000
Position: Forward
Club: FC Bayern München
Height/weight: 172cm/64kg
National team: Germany



Date of birth: 11 June 1991
Position: Defender
Club: SGS Essen
Height/weight: 166cm/59kg
National team:


Date of birth: 13 July 1996
Position: Defender
Club: DSC Arminia Bielefeld
Height/weight: 171cm/61kg
National team:



Date of birth: 08 February 1992
Position: Forward
Club: 1. FC Köln
Height/Weight: 168cm/62kg
National team:


Date of birth: 23 January 2000
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: SGS Essen
Height/weight: 177cm/66kg
National team:

Johanna Wende

Date of birth: 05 July 2003
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: VFL Westercelle U17
Height/weight: 176cm/67kg
National team: Germany (U17)


Date of birth: 10 December 2003
Position: Forward
Club: SC 13 Bad Neuenahr
Height/weight: 169cm/55kg
National team: Germany (U17)


Date of birth: 27 October 2000
Position: Defender
Club: TSG Hoffenheim
Height/weight: 175cm/65kg
National team: Germany (U20)


Anna Aehling

Date of birth: 23 March 2001
Position: Defender
Club: FSV Gütersloh 2009
Height/weight: 171cm/61kg
National team: Germany (U20)

Latest News

Alana O´Neill to sign in Bielefeld

05 | 08 | 20

Alana O´Neill to sign in Bielefeld

2-year-contract for US-American.

Lisa Weiß to sign at Aston Villa

23 | 07 | 20

Lisa Weiß to sign at Aston Villa

2-year-contract for former national goalkeeper.

Lisa Makas to sign in Austria

17 | 07 | 20

Lisa Makas to sign in Austria

The 28-year-old joins serial champion SKN St. Pölten.

Turid Knaak to switch to Atlético Madrid

14 | 07 | 20

Turid Knaak to switch to Atlético Madrid

National player signs contract with Champions League participant.

Come on, Effzeh!

14 | 07 | 20

Come on, Effzeh!

Eunice Beckmann extends contract in Cologne.

Chiara Bücher to join Bayer 04 Leverkusen

08 | 07 | 20

Chiara Bücher to join Bayer 04 Leverkusen

16-year-old signs 2-year contract.

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