Fem11 announces partnership with Orreco

We are happy to announce our partnership with female athlete health, sport science and data analytics company Orreco. Through the partnership, Fem11 hopes to educate our female players and clients about the menstrual cycle and contribute to their training and development.

Orreco, a global leader in bio-analytics and performance for elite athletes, currently works alongside 2022 Women’s Super League champions Chelsea FC Women. In addition with England’s Lionesses throughout this summer’s European Championships and through to the much-anticipated 2023 World Cup.

Based on scientific studies and research, Orreco provides individual approaches for nutrition and training to protect, empower and support players.
A large number of studies recognise a significant connection between the menstrual cycle and injuries, especially cruciate ligament injuries, in female athletes. Therefore, the topic should be approached preventively and considered in training/playing so that injuries can be prevented and players can perform to their best on the pitch at whatever stage of their menstrual cycle.

The programme includes questionnaires, education and tracking via the FitrWoman app to help players train in harmony with their cycle and minimise the impact of menstrual symptoms on performance. The goals are to promote empowerment, build know-how, break down barriers, maximise potential and optimise performance.

We look forward to working with Orreco to help break the taboo around this area.